Webinar: Covid-19: Marketing During Uncertain Times

Presented By:
Rob Love, President & CEO, Love & Company
Lisa Pearre, Principal, Chief Client Services Officer, Love & Company
Amy Brodie, Client Services Director, Love & Company
Dan Rexford, Vice President, Marketing Innovation, Love & Company

As Covid-19 officially became a Pandemic, our field needs to be ultra-protective of our residents, staff and prospects. As a result, we know many of you are cancelling events and implementing significant screening protocols for all guests, and that situation is constantly changing. However, these changes do NOT mean that you should stop marketing. It’s exactly the opposite. Marketing is now more important than ever, as you cannot afford to let census drop or expansion/blue sky goals go unmet. The key to continuing your marketing lies in the ability to be nimble and creative in your efforts, focusing on three main objectives:
  • Take it online
  • Keep people engaged
  • Focus on creative follow ups

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