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We have multiple team members with 10-20 years experience in every core area from sales and training to planning startup communities and expansions. To remain on the cutting edge, we continually strive to be better tomorrow than we were today. Then we share, teach and guide through our blogs, workshops, speaking engagements and more. With a firm eye on the future, as well as the present, we help shape the future of our clients – and senior living.

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Staying Competitive and Preparing for the Future

Staying Competitive and Preparing for the Future

June 13, 2018 • 8:00 am - 2:00 pm

Presented by:
Rob Love, President & CEO, Love & Company
Jim Hudgins, Jr. AIA, LEED, CASP; President of THW Design
Brandon Powell, Managing Director of Ziegler

What’s a bigger threat to your organization, the new Life Plan Community on the corner or Uber’s drivers-on-demand? What about unseen opportunities? The landscape surrounding the senior living field is changing in significant ways, presenting both new opportunities and unforeseen challenges.

Providers need to prepare for changing demographics, significantly new consumer expectations, intensifying competition, constant innovation, and an influx of major for-profit entities creating new options for the senior living consumer. The webinar will share key national trends in the senior living field and in society-at-large, along with economic developments that a provider must address if it wants to be prepared for the future. The webinar will reach beyond familiar industry themes to understand the next generation of opportunities and disruptors to traditional senior living

LeadingAge PA

June 20, 2018 • 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Presented by:
Tom Mann, Principal, EVP, Integrated Media Services, Love & Company
Lisa Pearre, Principal, EVP, Client Services, Love & Company
Shannon Grieb, Meadowood Retirement Community

Are You Ready…for Your Future Marketing Needs?

Senior Living is growing more competitive all the time. Your prospects are changing, as are their marketing habits, new products are entering the market, and existing competitors are investing in themselves. If you are not preparing your marketing strategy for the future, you are falling behind. This session will look at four key ways that any senior living community can and should begin phasing in changes to its marketing strategy. These are: Aligning your product and programing to the needs and interests of late Silents and early Boomers. We will share objective standards against which you can compare your community, to see how it matches up to a Boomer’s expectations, and steps you can take to address the needed change. Transitioning from print-driven to digital-driven lead generation. Your prospects are growing more and more digital in how they live their lives every day. Although direct mail and print aren’t dead, the power of digital marketing is growing significantly and will soon be your dominant marketing avenue, if it’s not already. To stay successful, you must build your digital prowess in a measured way, and we will share key milestones to achieve and reasonable timetables to do so. Offering prospects an experiential community, rather than a need-driven choice. Tomorrow’s prospect can choose from a myriad of support options that will allow her to stay in her house longer, meaning she won’t move until her need is extreme. We will show ways a community can offer an experience-driven lifestyle that allows its brand and messaging to position the community as the preferred alternative to toughing it out alone in a house. Leveraging technology to better integrate your sales team with your marketing efforts. Advances in automation, lead scoring and other inherent advantages of digital marketing technology will allow your sales team to know more about prospects as they enter the sales funnel, and equip your team to foster relationships with those prospects earlier. This session will show you the basic tools that every community should have in 2018, and key ways you can harness their power immediately. This session is designed with not-for-profit communities in mind; we will present ways to prepare for the future with an eye towards budget constraints and ROI. The session will discuss how to prioritize changes, and how to phase advances in over time.



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