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Determining “What's Next” For Your Community.

Fiscally fit communities are asking how they can grow responsibly, both in brick-and-mortar and service lines. To expand their mission, they want to explore every opportunity in their market. Yet many communities have dated product. Their residences and community spaces need vital repositioning to meet contemporary consumer expectations, while preparing for the Boomers. For these organizations, we provide:

  • Strategic opportunities assessments
  • Market research and market studies
  • Consumer research
  • Board education
  • Strategic planning leadership
  • Master planning team support

Marketing Planning & Lead Generation

Many communities find the marketing director’s time is best focused on direct selling activities and sales management. Dealing with ad reps, shepherding printing projects and analyzing cost per leads are typically tasks better left to professionals with the specialized skills to manage them. For these organizations, we provide:

  • Marketing planning and lead generation
  • Creative: direct mail, print, digital, and broadcast
  • Marketing plan management
  • Executive reporting

Strengthening Your Digital Presence

The majority of 78-year-olds now research their decisions online and most adult children access the Internet through mobile phones and tablets. Still, many communities continue to promote their brands with static, outdated websites. And they also lack the time to explore and incorporate the latest online marketing best practices. For these organizations, we provide:


Building and Strengthening Your Sales Team

While many communities have experienced sales professionals, even star athletes need and seek out training and coaching to stay at peak performance. Many times poor sales are the direct result of an outdated sales system and underutilized lead management programs. For these organizations, we provide:

  • Sales training and coaching
  • Sales management
  • CRM (e.g., REPS, Salesforce) clean up and training
  • Sales team recruitment
  • Sales and marketing assessments
  • Secret shopping

Updating and Redefining Your Brand

Often an organization needs to redefine itself in response to changing markets and shifting society norms. Consequently its messaging, imagery, perhaps even its name and logo, have failed to keep up. They no longer accurately represent the organization, assist marketing efforts or enable its strategic vision to grow and prosper. For an organization like this, we provide:

  • Strategic brand assessment
  • Branding services
  • Brand implementation

Launching/Filling Your Start-Up or Expansion

Speed is essential in startups and expansions. Beating targeted presales timelines can save tens of thousands—even hundreds of thousands of dollars—for every month the goal is surpassed. To help clients hit their numbers, we skillfully use our broad scope of solutions that range from feasibility studies through fill up, including:

  • Market and consumer research
  • Development team support
  • Branding services
  • Presales marketing
  • Marketing planning and lead generation
  • Website development
  • Digital strategies
  • Sales team recruiting
  • Sales training and coaching
  • Sales management

Rebuilding and Maintaining Census

Often organizations suffer from below budgeted occupancy, even after taking multiple steps to bring their census back above 90%. Or they have a strong sales staff and steady leads, but are still unable to increase or maintain occupancy of 95% or higher. For these organizations, we provide:

  • Sales and marketing assessments
  • Sales training and coaching
  • Marketing planning and lead generation
  • Sales team recruiting
  • Secret shopping
  • Competitive pricing analysis
  • Digital strategies

Marketing Your Multi-site Organization

Multi-site organizations should enjoy increased marketing effectiveness, efficiency and impact. Yet many struggle to find the right mix of internal resources and external expertise, as well as the optimal relationship between parent organization and individual communities. As a result, marketing budgets, sales & reporting, and brand presence are often inconsistent and ineffective. For these organizations, we provide:

  • Lead generation portal systems
  • Marketing planning and lead generation
  • Branding services
  • Website design
  • Digital strategies
  • Sales training and coaching
  • CRM (e.g., REPS, Salesforce) clean up and training
  • Reporting systems
  • Sales and marketing assessments

Comprehensive Services.

The depth and breadth of our services provide all the marketing your organization needs to thrive now and years from today.

Strategic Services

Community Start-Up & Expansion Studies • Market Analyses • Contract & Pricing Analyses • Consumer Research Surveys & Focus Groups • Competitive Analyses • Branding Recommendations

Sales Training and Management

Sales & Marketing Assessment • Sales Team Training & Coaching • Sales Program Oversight • REPS/Database Maximization • Sales Reporting Systems • Recruiting Outreach & Networking Programs • Secret Shopping

Marketing Services

Marketing Planning & Budgeting • Weekly & Monthly Results Monitoring • Media Planning & Placement • Quarterly Tactical Planning • Healthcare Referral Development • Public Relations • Integrated Social Media

Health Services Marketing

Outreach (Outside Sales) • Referral Development • Sales (Inside) • Assessments • Startups

Creative Services

Branding & Brand Renewal • Brand & Positioning Assessment • Direct Mail • Print Advertising • Radio & TV • Brochure Packages • Web Sites • Online Marketing

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