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Prepare Your Team for Peak Performance

Love & Company’s sales training and management services custom tailor best practices in sales techniques specifically to your team’s unique traits. We begin by assessing where you are now and what is needed to ensure a high-performing sales team. Evaluating each team member, we determine individual strengths and opportunities for improvement. Using both virtual and in-person training, we hone listening and communication skills, building their confidence in selling. Then we arm them with the support of outstanding sales tools and teach them to wield the power of your CRM.

The result is a strong team inspired to do well, a team of professionals who take personal pride in their community and their roles in its success.

Training and Coaching

Your sales team—from leadership to supporting team members—has its own blend of personalities, knowledge levels and selling expertise. We partner with your sales leadership, working together to support and elevate the effectiveness of the team. We use research-based, validated approaches to sales, including the principles of influence and motivational interviewing, to coach the team in developing relationships with prospects and advancing sales. Our web-based training, coupled with side-by-side mentoring, enable us to educate, strengthen and motivate individual team members to reach their full potential, work cohesively as a team and achieve your goals.

Ongoing Sales Management

To be successful on an ongoing basis, a sales team needs to have consistent motivation, coaching and accountability. This is what a Love & Company sales advisor provides: the encouragement to keep striving, the mentoring to hone skills and the metrics-based evaluation that identifies opportunities for enhancement. We can serve as the sales director or train and coach your director. Either way, we help drive sales by equipping the counselors, holding them accountable and inspiring them to achieve their goals. 

In addition to supporting your team, our sales advisors work in tandem with our marketing team to ensure a cohesive, seamless approach to your sales and marketing program. Being in the field with your sales team, our sales advisor can advocate on your behalf about what is and isn’t working from a product and sales perspective.


Love & Company can assist your HR team with identifying strong sales candidates, or we can outsource recruiting of key sales positions to our skilled recruiting partners. Either way, our recruiting process identifies candidates with the skills, traits and personality types most characteristic of successful sales people and directors. Whether you are building a sales team from scratch or adding new members to your current one, we can help find the right mix of talent and expertise that will work for your community.

Sales Center PLanning

The sales center experience is one of the most important facets of the sales process. Your prospects often come to you with misperceptions of what senior living communities really are. A first impression of, “Wow, I could really see myself living here!” is the first step toward educating prospects on the value of your community’s lifestyle.

For blue sky or expansion projects, we help bring your vision for the community to life in the sales center. Blending technology and interior design, we guide the creation of a sales center that reflects the look, feel and personality of your community. We not only help prospects see your dream, but also make it their own.

CRM Selection and Training

A high quality CRM, used optimally by your sales team, serves as the central nervous system of your sales efforts. We can help you select and set up a CRM, and then—most importantly—ensure your team knows how to tap into the power of this invaluable sales tool. With the right training and vision-casting, we can transform your sales team from hard working to high functioning.  


“I appreciated Love & Company’s approach because I’ve done this a long time and think I’m ahead of the curve on many things—but I knew there was opportunity for improvement. So it was good to both learn new things and also get the reinforcement that we are doing a lot positive things. It was an affirming and growing experience for my team and for me.”

–Dean Dellaria, Corporate Director of Sales, Friendship Village of Schaumburg

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