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Anatomy of an Assessment

Since the title of this blog leads with the term “anatomy,” it may be helpful to interchange “assessment” with “examination.” That interchange helps with the analogy of how we care for our personal health and how we take care of our business’ health. We have regular...

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Webinar: 6 Senior Living Trends for 2018 and Beyond

Presented by: Tom Mann, Love & Company Jim Hudgins, THW Perry Aycock, K4Connect David Keolling, Strategic Dining Services This 45 minute webinar led by Tom Mann of Love & Company, Jim Hudgins of THW, Perry Aycock of K4Connect, and David Keolling of Strategic Dining...

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The Value of Secret Shopping

One of the most common ways companies across industries measure their customer service is to secret shop their representatives, whether over the phone or in person. Senior living communities also benefit by measuring the service they deliver to senior living shoppers...

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Webinar: What To Consider When Evaluating CRMs

Presented by: Tom Mann, EVP of Integrated Media, Love & Company Sue Dolton, VP of Sales Services, Love & Company Many marketing directors of Life Plan Communities are starting to panic. MatrixCare has announced that their support of REPs will cease in June 2018. REPs...

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