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The 2019 Leading Edge C-Suite Webinar Series VI

Love & Company invites you to join its staff and other prominent industry leaders for impactful webinars. Learn about key trends pitfalls and opportunities as they emerge. Our Leading Edge C-Suite Webinar Series is designed to keep you up to date with timely tactics and strategic planning that can benefit your organization now and into the future

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Past Webinars

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The Reasons for Growth
October 3 2019, Presented by Dan Hermann, Lisa McCracken, Tom Mann

Evolve or Die: The Necessity of Strategic Planning for Today’s Senior Living Organizations
September 5 2019, Presented by Rob Love, Ryan Frederick, Marc Silver

2019 Continuing Care at Home Update: Key Trends and Insights for Organizations Interested in Developing and Growing
August 15 2019, Presented by Rob Love, Alwyn Powell, Sara Montalto

The CEO/CFO Toolbox: Using Actuarial Data to Drive Key Marketing and Operating Decisions
June 12 2019, Presented by Christopher Borcik, Jennifer Schwalm, Rob Love

Data is Sexy! The Hidden Insights Data and Analytics Can Provide Your Management Team
May 8 2019, Presented by Tom Mann, Mario McKenzie, and Charles Roberson

Crisis Communication Planning
March 27 2019, Presented by Kayla Caw

The Reasons for Growth
February 13 2019, Presented by Katie Smith Sloan, John Cochrane, Doug Leidig, and Tom Mann

The Value of Consumer Events
November 14 2018, Presented by Karen Adams, Monica McAfee, Scott Pfeifer

The Battle for Talent
August 15 2018, Presented by Tom Mann, Manny Ocasio, Jacquelyn Kung

Are You Ready for Your Future Marketing Needs?
July 25 2018, Presented by Tom Mann, Lisa Pearre, Shannon Grieb

Anatomy of an Assessment
June 28 2018, Presented by Rick Hunsicker and Chris Carruthers

Smart Homes for Independent Living: An Idea Whose Time is Overdue
May 16 2018, Presented by Rob Love, President, Melissa Pritchard, and Adrian Judy

6 Senior Living Trends for 2018 and Beyond

Apr. 24 2018, Presented by Tom Mann, Jim Hudgins, Perry Aycock and David Keolling



Is It Time to Refresh Your Brand?
Mar. 7 2018, Presented by Lisa Pearre and Tyler Sprecher

What To Consider When Evaluating CRMs
Mar. 28 2018, Presented by Tom Mann and Sue Dolton

Prepare Your Community NOW to Be Competitive in 10 Years
Feb. 15 2018, Presented by Chris Carruthers and Christopher Tomlin

The Case for Master Planning NOW
Nov. 15 2017, Presented by David Slack, Mitch Elliott and Rob Love

Visionary Planning: Repositioning Senior Living to Create Centers of Excellence
Oct. 12 2017, Presented by John Howl, Mike Martin and Rob Love

Census Turnaround: Tested Strategies to Successfully Build Skilled Nursing, Rehab and Assisted Living Census
Sept. 14 2017, Presented by Chris Carruthers

How Integrated e-Tactics Added $628,000 in Revenue
Aug. 16 2017, Presented by Nicole Salla, Kayla Caw and Jennifer Doone

Big Data is King for Marketing Success
May 31, 2017, Presented by Tom Mann and Mark Ingram

How to Catch a Boomer: Seven Strategies for Success
Apr. 19, 2017, Presented by Tom Mann and Gregory J. Scott

What to Do Before Buying a New Website
Mar. 22, 2017, Presented by Nicole Salla, Clara Daly and Hayler Gurtler

Predictive Modeling: Identifying the Prospects Most Likely to Buy
Dec. 20, 2016, Presented by Sue Dolton, Vice President, Sales Services, Love & Company, Kate Phelps, Owner, Taylor Reporting Solutions, Larry Wieskopf, President/CEO, Infinite Analytics, Monica McAfee, Director of Sales & Marketing, John Knox Village

Staying Competitive and Preparing for the Future
Dec. 12, 2016, Presented by: Rob Love, President & CEO, Love & Company Jim Hudgins, President, THW Design Tad Melton, Managing Director, Ziegler

Lowering the Age of Entry Through Sales
Sept. 27, 2016, Presented by Rick Hunsicker and Susan Dolton

Demystifying Assisted Living Marketing
Sept. 16, 2016, Presented by Chris Carruthers and Rick Hunsicker

Marketing’s Impact on Long-Term Planning
Sept. 13, 2016, Presented by Rob Love and Lisa Pearre

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