Sales & Marketing Program Assessment

Position Your Marketing and Sales Program for Success

Whether you are struggling with census and revenue, preparing for a major expansion or simply wanting to ensure your sales and marketing program is functioning at a high level, the first step toward ensuring you have a marketing and sales program designed for sustainable success is to determine where you are today. With 25+ years of experience, we provide the advantage of an in-depth assessment from an objective and informed perspective.

Examining the prospect’s whole journey—from when they first learn about your community to their visit experience to their ongoing interactions with the sales team—we identify challenges that may hinder getting sales and increasing move-ins. We account for the complexity and interaction of all key factors that impact results, including brand position, lead generation, product appeal, services and amenities, pricing and contracts, and the sales experience. Discussing, interacting and probing, we treat our analysis as if we are stakeholders in your success.

Our thorough assessment and comprehensive report includes highly practical, prioritized and actionable recommendations. You gain a solid foundation on which to build a well-integrated, successful marketing and sales program.


“I credit the sales coaching partnership we have with Love & Company in helping our team transition to remote and virtual sales while keeping us running on all cylinders. We really value the collaborative approach toward achieving our goals and we receive just the right amount of support and motivation. The Love & Company senior sales advisors bring a willingness to think outside the box, which was necessary during this challenge. In this case, they helped us keep an eye on the larger goal, while giving purposeful direction on the small steps needed to get there.”

–Allison Booker, Director of Marketing and Sales, Lenbrook

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