Exploring the Team-Based Approach to Senior Living Master Planning

by | Mar 6, 2020

If your organization has decided to grow and therefore make a sizeable investment in the future, it creates an exciting opportunity to advance the organization’s mission while increasing its capacity to enhance the lives of older adults.

The scale of an expansion or startup project means that you must develop a plan, and fortunately an array of resources exists to help bring that vision to reality. For example, some of the most successful growth projects we’ve been a part of over the years all share a common denominator: a team-based approach to master planning.

In this illustrative video, we share what this approach looks like. We cover who you’ll need on your team as well as the milestones and the collaboration necessary along the way. We highlight the broad strokes of a proven method that yields a master plan for a high-value project—and a future for the organization that fulfills its mission and vision.

The senior living sector is evolving every day, but a team-based approach allows key stakeholders to collaborate efficiently at every stage and sets up the project and organizations involved for sustained success.

So, if team-based master planning appeals to you but you’re not sure how it would fit your organization’s current position, let’s talk. Simply click here or reach out to Tim Bracken, Vice President of Love & Company, at 410-207-0013 for help taking the first step.

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