Webinar: Marketing and Sales in 2022: Plan and Pivot Your Way to Intentional Success

Feb 7, 2022 | Webinars


Joan Kelly-Kincade, Strategic Sales Advisor, Love & Company
Sara Montalto, Vice President, Strategic Services, Love & Company
Kate Leach, Strategic Sales Advisor, Love & Company
Lisa Pearre, Principal & Chief Client Services Officer, Love & Company (moderator)

One year ago, we hosted a webinar that projected forward across 2021, sketching out how we thought prospects and communities would grow and change with the pandemic’s evolution. We identified what we knew to that point, and looked ahead to how we thought the year would unfold, identifying anticipated impacts on communities and on the senior living field as a whole, and what that would mean for seniors’ mindsets.

Just over a year later, we find ourselves actively adapting with the changing pandemic. This webinar will reflect on what we thought would transpire in 2021 versus what really happened, and what that means for senior living sales and marketing in 2022. Our panelists will focus discussion around key lessons we take away from 2021, and they’ll talk through practical application of that learning – both positive and negative – to best drive success in 2022.


During the webinar, participants will:

  • Learn how the unfolding of 2021 affected marketing and sales programs for the year, and what the outcomes mean for senior living marketing and sales moving forward
  • What planning strategies are recommended and what tools are here to stay for 2022
  • Why relationship building remains critical through it all as a foundation for achieving your goals – this year and beyond


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