Matt Peloquin

Matt Peloquin

Vice President, Marketing Innovation

With a vast and impressive portfolio of work, Matt is uniquely qualified for his position at Love & Company as Vice President, Marketing Innovation. With his experience as a consultant, building a variety of brands from the ground up, Matt’s strengths include marketing operations, marketing strategy, content marketing and creative strategies.

Matt’s role at Love & Company places him as the inspired leader of all Integrated Marketing Services (IMS) teams, including Digital, Creative, Content and Media. His knowledge and expertise allow him to drive the teams to success through collaboration and teamwork.

“One of my areas of focus is that each division of IMS fully understands the impact it has on the audience’s journey to becoming a senior living community resident. To accomplish that goal, we need to maintain a close and transparent relationship with our clients every step of the way.”

Matt holds bachelor of arts degrees in communications and psychology, with a minor in sociology, from the University of Massachusetts. Outside of work, Matt can be found spending time with his young son cheering on the New York Yankees or traveling the world exploring cuisines. Additionally, he makes time to focus on his passion for nonprofit work, including the One Bread Foundation.