More Than Just Breakfast: Leading the Way by Always Thinking

Dec 8, 2016 | Executive Corner

By Tim Bracken, Vice President

“Thinking outside the box” is a cliché that is thrown around a lot, as if it were an easy and simple task.

It takes work to continuously push for creative ideas and thinking beyond what might be standard practice. That is why Love & Company has adopted the axiom of “always thinking” to inspire the work we do, and to encourage our success and the success of our clients.20161031_073427_resized-copy

A great example of this precept in action was our recent event, the Lead the Day Breakfast at the national LeadingAge conference in Indianapolis. Traditionally, dinners and cocktail parties are more popular at the annual LeadingAge conference. The strategy for choosing to have a breakfast event was much more than for just the sheer novelty. It was a great way to help people start their day with a hearty meal and provide a low-pressure environment, where you can actually hear each other, to network before being exhausted by a long day.

Love & Company also realized that, like every other sales and marketing consulting firm in the field, it is important to hold events that clients and prospective clients want to come to, but that we needed to break from the pack. The breakfast was an opportunity to claim a strategically unique space with little competition for our clients’ and prospects’ time, while creating an environment where we could facilitate meaningful connections. Great care and time was spent in advance finding a location that was convenient for attendees and was along their path to the conference center.

The hundreds of clients and prospects who attended the breakfast reported in our follow-up survey enjoying the event setting and time. Since the event was casual, and did not include loud music, dancing or alcohol, guests were able to comfortably focus on their discussions. Clients, prospective clients and colleagues from other fields were able to meet and form connections, walking away with a stronger understanding of how we can all lift each other up and encourage success.

At Love & Company, when clients and friends win, we win. “Always thinking” is more than just an adage; it is an attitude. We are always looking for ways to learn from each other and share ideas across clients and across our team. When clients meet each other, and when we connect clients with prospective clients or people outside of our field, we are broadening the benefits for our client.

We strive to not just “think outside the box,” but to change the shape of the box altogether and lead the changes necessary to anticipate the needs and wants of the unique generation of adults now reaching retirement. The landscape of senior living is changing, but Love & Company is always thinking. We hope to see you at next year’s Love & Company Lead The Day breakfast events!

P.S. As part of our promotional efforts for the breakfast event, we created a promotional video with Love & Company president Rob Love. We thought you might enjoy some of the outtakes.


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