How One Senior Living Community Shifted the ‘Only for the Rich’ Perception Within Its Marketplace

May 2, 2024 | Sales/Sales Training

In the aftermath of the pandemic, senior living communities faced declining move-in rates and the need for revamped marketing strategies. St. James Place exemplifies the power of strategic transformation in overcoming these hurdles and revitalizing sales and marketing efforts. Through a focus on prospect-centered approaches and innovative marketing tactics, St. James Place emerged as a thriving Life Plan Community in Baton Rouge’s competitive market.

Assessment and Realignment

Recognizing the imperative for change, St. James Place commissioned a comprehensive evaluation of its sales and marketing practices. (We were pleased to be selected.) This pivotal step uncovered deficiencies in CRM technology and underscored the importance of shifting from a product-centric to a prospect-centric sales approach. Armed with these insights, the community embarked on a journey of strategic realignment.

Redefining Value Proposition

At the heart of St. James Place’s transformation was the redefinition of its value proposition. By emphasizing the unique benefits of Life Plan Community living, the community aimed to dispel misconceptions about affordability and showcase its vibrant lifestyle offerings. Through targeted messaging and compelling narratives, St. James Place positioned itself as an inclusive and financially accessible destination for seniors of diverse backgrounds.

Strategic Marketing Initiatives

A critical aspect of its revitalization strategy involved overhauling St. James Place’s marketing initiatives. Embracing a multi-channel approach, the community invested in direct mail, events and digital advertising to amplify its reach and engagement. Through captivating event concepts and personalized communication, St. James Place successfully captured the interest of potential buyers and witnessed a significant increase in leads.

Measurable Results

The impact of St. James Place’s strategic transformation was tangible and substantial. The adoption of new marketing tactics led to a 57% surge in leads, while direct visits to the community website skyrocketed by nearly 240%. Additionally, the enhanced training of the sales team and improved CRM utilization resulted in a remarkable 400% increase in sales in 2021 alone. Consequently, occupancy rates experienced a notable upswing, rising by 16% from the pandemic’s peak, with 72 move-ins recorded since the beginning the strategic marketing initiatives.

“Love & Company has been [our] close partner from the first month I arrived.  Their initial assessment of all aspects of our situation put us quickly on a path for success. Our successes have been due to a multi-faceted strategy, including sales, marketing, advertising, program development and renovations.  Love & Company has such depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise, that they have guided me in all these areas.” – Dick Wager, CEO, St. James Place


St. James Place leadership shows the transformative potential of embracing change in strategic marketing and sales strategies. By redefining its value proposition and deploying innovative marketing strategies, St. James Place not only reversed declining occupancy trends but also elevated its brand image and market position. Love & Company was proud to walk this journey with St. James Place in a truly collaborative partnership. As senior living communities navigate an evolving landscape, the insights gleaned from this journey offer invaluable guidance for sales and marketing leaders striving to foster growth and prosperity in their organizations.

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