Emotional Intelligence Drives Success in a Digital-First Marketing World

Apr 29, 2024 | Webinars


As senior living prospects grow ever-more digitally oriented, they are better educated than ever before about Life Plan Communities and the benefits of this lifestyle. And yet, sales closing ratios are not improving and the sales cycle is not shortening. More information alone is not leading to more sales. Why not, and what can a community do about it?


This webinar brings togethers leaders in the art of educating and motiving Life Plan Community prospects to answer both questions. The panelists will explain why today’s digital-first customers are not more likely to move and reveal proven ways to unlock the exciting potential of selling to seniors in a digital-first world.  

The most effective sales and marketing teams can leverage nurturing strategies through technology and online tools, but these tools must be guided by emotionally intelligent sales and marketing skills. This webinar will explain: 

  • How prospects process information and the role of information in a prospect’s decision-making process   
  • What type of questioning practices do and do not move a prospect closer to a move 
  • What to avoid and what to embrace in how you educate leads during the nurturing stage of the customer journey
  • What to avoid and what to embrace in how you educate and motivate prospects during the sales process 
  • How to keep your sales and marketing process relationship-focused in a digital-first world 

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