Achieving Transformational Change Through Strategic Planning

Apr 26, 2023 | Webinars


Diane Burfeindt, Managing Principal of Trilogy Connect
Tad Melton, Managing Director of Ziegler
Rob Love, President/CEO of Love & Company

For many years, senior living organizations faced a set of similar challenges, and most developed a ‘bag of tricks’ to address them—proven strategies that could be deployed to get the organization through inevitable rough spots. Today, though, the senior living field is going through a period of transformational change, and we’ve now arrived at a pivotal moment. Staffing challenges, rising costs and more have changed the game. The old bag of tricks is gone, and new strategies demand innovative thinking.

It’s now time for senior living organizations to establish strategic plans that address this significantly changed environment. To do that, both leadership and boards need to get comfortable with the fact that what made them successful in the past is not necessarily what will make them successful in the future.


In this webinar, we will address:

  • How can you get your board prepared to address strategic planning effectively?
  • How have other fields responded to transformational change, and what can senior living learn from their experiences?
  • How can an affiliation be seen as a positive for a healthy organization, and not something that only struggling organizations need to pursue?


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