Special Announcement: Market Intelligence Expertise Expands in 2018 Through Hire of Karen Adams

by | Jan 15, 2018

One of the most highly experienced researchers in the field, Karen Adams brings more top tier talent to the firm.

Karen Adams, Vice President of Marketing Intelligence

Karen Adams, Vice President of Market Intelligence

Love & Company is excited to announce that we have expanded our Market Intelligence expertise through the hire of Karen Adams, a senior living marketing specialist with more than 35 years of experience in the field. As of January 15, Karen is the Vice President of Market Intelligence.

“Love & Company has developed a strong Market Intelligence team, and I am looking forward to bringing my national network and expertise to the table,” says Karen. “I’m looking forward to working with Love & Company’s already solid team of market analysts as well as with their expert sales services team, to even further access the consumer and their current and emerging needs and desires.”

Our Market Intelligence services encompass market studies, consumer research, competitive analyses, and pricing analyses, and helps communities develop and implement data-based plans that will enable them to be successful both today and well into the future.

“Karen is one of the most experienced market researchers in the senior living field,” says Love & Company President Rob Love. “But she is also much more than just a researcher. She excels at looking at a market, then translating the needs of the market into a picture that clients and development teams can clearly understand.”

Karen was the cofounder of Gerontological Services, Inc. (GSI) in 1982, which offered research, planning, development and finance services, for all senior living and health services, products and programs. As cofounder, she played a key role in every aspect of the operation. She was also a member of a national Demand Task Force, an organization consisting of about 15 firms tasked with market research, and was a member of the California LeadingAge Planning Committee, which monitors and advises on the strategic plan for the organization.

In addition, Karen spent eight years with AAHSA Development Corp, now known as LeadingAge, as COO and director of financial services, working with non-profit providers in development and finance.

She will now help lead the Market Intelligence team, a team that lays the groundwork for a community’s development team (including the architect, financial analyst, builder, etc.), by putting together a master plan that will enable a community to reposition itself to compete effectively, expand, or both. For startup communities, Market Intelligence services develop a detailed understanding of a market, a piece of the puzzle that’s required to create an appropriate positioning strategy and plan for a new community.

“I’ve worked in every sector of the field,” says Karen. “I’ve served hospitals, not-for-profit and for-profit organizations, Life Plan Communities, skilled nursing, assisted living, and independent living, and home and community based service programs, among others. And it’s really critical that we listen to consumers in order to develop models based on measured market interests.”

Karen is another example of the top tier talent and experienced leaders that Love & Company continues to attract, adding to a highly skilled team that currently includes Rick Hunsicker, previously President of Hunsicker Senior Living Services; Tom Mann, previously President of TR Mann Consulting; Chris Carruthers, previously President of Census Boosters; and Susan Dolton, previously Director of Sales and Marketing at The Loomis Communities.

Rob adds, “I’m incredibly excited that we are able to add someone of Karen’s caliber to lead our Market Intelligence services. I believe demand for these types of services will continue to grow as senior living communities look to prepare for the future.”

For more information on how Market Intelligence services can help usher your community into the future, please contact Tim Bracken at 410-207-0013 or Rick Hunsicker at 214-906-3801.

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