Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much would it normally cost to create a white paper and a video white paper for my community?

A: Love & Company would normally charge $6,500 to $8,500 for a white paper and $11,500 to $15,500 for a video if the content is unique to your community. By sharing common content with other Love & Company clients (which are typically in different markets from each other), your community is able to purchase this valuable information at a fraction of the production costs. White papers are $2,983 and video white papers are $5,598. For even greater savings, check out our subscription packages!

Q: Can the content be altered?

A: We have taken into consideration the different variables that might impact your market and your market’s regulations. For example, we have produced most materials in multiple versions with minor variations to comfortably handle the differing opinions between “Life Plan Communities” and “continuing care retirement communities.” In general, we will not alter the content (particularly the video white papers) beyond what we have already created but feel free to ask. In fact, it is this uniform approach that allows us to bring such high value content to your community at such a low cost.

Q: I have heard that Google does not like common content and will penalize my website's search engine optimization (SEO) for using content that another community is using. Is this true?

A: Remember, the primary purpose of this content is to serve as an inducement that will stimulate new prospect leads, all while educating them about your community. These white papers and video white papers are NOT created as content for search engine spiders. As such, even though we brand the content in your community’s name, we will prepare it so that it can be hosted on your site without being penalized by Google. How we accomplish this is a bit technical but we’ll be happy to provide further details should you desire.

Q: I've noticed that the white papers and video white papers often share common topics. Is this by design?

A: While the white papers and videos can work independently from each other, they are very much designed to work together creating a comprehensive marketing and educational platform on specific subject matter.

Q: If my organization has several communities, can I share this content across the organization?

A: We will be happy to talk to you about multi-site licensing.

Can I see the content before I elect to buy it?

A: We are happy to show you a sample of both the white paper and the video white papers so that you can get a sense of the quality of content we provide.
White paper sample: Flip book of Cents & Sensibility
Video sample: Link to Retirement Options Video

I'm interested in learning more about Love & Company's content. Who should I contact?

A: If your community is already a Love & Company client, just speak with someone on your Love & Company team or if you prefer, contact Love & Company’s Principal and EVP of Integrated Media Services, Tom Mann, at 240-575-6531 or

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