Digital Media & SEM

Let our digital experts improve your brand’s online presence, and optimize for converting users to leads. We can target your ideal audience, and ensure that content is delivered in their preferred method.

Search Network Advertising

Get your community in front of the right users. Starting with advertising directly on the search engine, ensuring ideal placement of your optimized ad. We develop a keyword strategy, followed by a content strategy. Marketing copy is written to match up with the keywords and topics that were searched for. Upon clicking on the ad, users will be sent to a landing page with matching content and an optimized form encouraging users to complete a goal.


Geo-targeting can be used to provide different content to users based on their location. Through this method, we can target users within very specific geographic locations, down to a 5 mile radius, and create very targeted ads on pay-per-click (PPC) or organic channels. This is a great way to target tougher keywords at affordable rates!


Through the use of remarketing, we target users who have already visited your site previously, but may not have made a purchase. We are able to show them ads throughout different advertising networks that show on news sites, social media, and other places on the web that users visit. This keeps your community in your web visitors’ subconscious, and makes them more likely to convert to a lead.

Facebook Advertising

Reach your audience where they spend most of their time online! Did you know that over 82% of baby boomers are on at least one social network, and they are more likely to make decisions based on what they see on social media? Advertising on Facebook adds many tools to your arsenal, including micro-targeting users down to interests, gender, age, location (down to a 1 mile radius) and more!

Mobile Advertising

Through mobile advertising, we can reach any mobile device including phones and tablets. Many of these ads show up in search results, apps, or even as text messages. Text ads or even a banner ad using an image can be used, depending upon the channel being targeted.

Display Ads

Display ads, or banner ads, are visual ads, designed to stand out from the page they are on and grab your user’s attention. They may be animated (with HTML5 or Flash) or static (non-animated), depending on your budget. Display ads are even more effective when coupled with landing pages that complement the design and copy of the banner ad.

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