Content Strategy

Our PR and interactive marketing team pride themselves on planning and writing substantive senior-relevant content for all of your digital channels. From SEO strategy to inbound content, they have proven tactics that resonate and convert to increase revenue. In fact, they have seen over 314% return on investment.

SEO Content and Blogs

Love & Company suggests leveraging the power of blogging to boost Search Engine ranking. Content marketing accounts for about 55% of organic search results, and a blog is an essential piece of this. Including the blog on the same domain as the main website gives better boosts to SEO, keeps leads in one place, and provides more credibility. Our specialists can write traffic-generating content for your blog as well as schedules for posting content, or make suggestions for content to be written by your own team. We include long-tail keywords and phrases, and optimize articles to increase listing placement.

Social Media Management

Over 82% of Baby Boomers (and half of seniors over the age of 65) belong to at least one social media site – referred to as “Silver Surfers,” Facebook is by far their favorite social media site. They are focused on finding more information, and will take action based on what they see on social media. They are also much more likely to share content compared to any other generation. Knowing these facts, don’t you think it’s time you put yourself directly in front of your target audience on their preferred platform? Let our experts help! We know what works and can come up with the perfect content plan and schedule to build your community’s social presence.

Email Newsletters

The best way to build and nurture your leads online is through an email newsletter. It provides a way to build a list of contacts that you already know are interested in your community. Through a newsletter you can remind those showing initial interest in your community that you are their best choice, and you can prove it by showcasing the wonderful things happening at your community, as well as showcasing topics of interest such as floor plans. We have a plethora of ideas for your newsletter and will be happy to provide and execute a monthly strategy!

Automated Email Series

Utilize email to kick-start and strengthen your marketing automation efforts. Our Welcome Series is a staple service for getting started with automated emails. Upon signup, subscribers will be sent 4-5 emails, planned and timed perfectly to nurture by providing answers to important questions that are asked by prospects in their journey. When our team manages your email marketing, we’ll be able to develop beneficial automated content for your community based on real actions taken by users. This enables us to create relevant content and drive leads to complete a goal.

White Papers

Love & Company creates print, digital, and video white papers that discuss topics that are important for your Life Plan Community prospects. These topics not only create excitement and leads for your community, but they also help move your prospects through the sales continuum (from interested onlooker to educated thinker and doer). We can create white papers with topics specific to your community, or purchase a license to brand and reuse white papers from our library of tried-and-true topics. White Papers can be used as inducements to encourage prospects to become leads. For example, on a landing page they may be offered in exchange for an email address.

Brand Presence

In addition to these services, we also provide management of your entire online (as well as offline) presence, which affects branding and SEO. This includes traditional PR, online review training and management and crisis communications. Contact us to find out more information about how all of these can work hand-in-hand with our other lead generation services.

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