Lead Tracking, Conversions & Reporting

We track your prospects through their entire process, which enables us to better market, convert and report back to you on what works and what doesn’t – and constantly adjust accordingly!

Landing Pages

We call our landing pages squeeze pages, which is a lesser-used but more accurate term to describe the way we approach them. Implemented as part of an inbound marketing campaign (PPC, targeted SEO content, email marketing, social media, etc.), a squeeze page is designed to convince or “squeeze” a site visitor into providing their contact information, typically adding their email address to your email list. We optimize these pages for increased conversions by providing just the right amount of content, and asking for just the right amount of information in return.

Lead Tracking & Scoring

Have you ever wondered what information was the most interesting to users? What do they keep coming back for? And what content drives them to make that decision to contact you? Using Google Analytics in tandem with our lead tracking system, we can answer these questions and create a better targeted and more effective online presence. In addition, we can work with your CRM to create algorithms to score leads, helping you to see how hot or cold a prospect is based on their interactions with your community.

Multi-variate and A/B Testing

How do you know if the page layout of your landing page is the absolute best at driving conversions? How can you be positive that the copy in your digital ads appeals to your target audience? How do you know if the red button performs better or the green button? Test it! Our sites, landing pages, online ads, and emails can all institute a/b testing, in which we test one version over another. This enables you to test for a specific amount of time, or until a predetermined verdict is reached, to know what is truly driving your prospects towards the goals you want them to complete.


Our dashboard reports include everything you need to know, and nothing that you don’t. And with our compendium of descriptions and details relevant to your community, you’ll never question what you’re paying for online. You’ll know exactly what works and what doesn’t, and you’ll see on paper (or on screen) the steps we are taking to improve all of your numbers.


We can integrate your digital efforts with your existing CRM, so that it all works together to support your sales team. Whether you use SalesForce, RHS, Sherpa, Enquire, MatrixCare, or another system, we will work with your CRM team to find out what connections can be made so that you can have as seamless of an experience as possible.

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