Websites for Seniors

As with all Love & Company endeavors, we provide the best quality in web design, development, and planning. We not only take great care to adhere to best practices, but in our process we streamline information, position context-based Calls to Action (CTA), and find other opportunities to increase lead generation.

A Strong Foundation

Your website’s code acts as a foundation for your online presence and accounts for about 10% of yourSearch Engine Optimization (SEO), so we make sure you start off right by scripting with clean and contextual code that degrades gracefully (so all browsers may access the content), proper use of site structure, meta tags, image alt tags, and implementation of rich snippets. We separate content from presentation, enabling swifter maintenance and updates, improving accessibility, and boosting Search Engine placement.

Manage Your Content

Here at Love & Company, we love WordPress. WordPress has the highest adoption rate over other Content Management Systems. It is very easy to use, implement, and adapt. With WordPress, you will have complete control over your website’s content, as well as key tools built in to help your SEO. What’s more: since it’s not a proprietary system, you don’t lease anything from us and can feel free to do what you like with your site, because we believe that it’s your site.

After building your website, we train your staff members to make content updates and provide tutorials on how to use your site. We also will perform updates, backups, and security against malware and other hacker attacks under our yearly maintenance plan.

One Web for All Devices

W3C promotes the idea of “One Web” that is available on any device, be it a personal computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. To accomplish this, the sites we create give consistent experiences when accessed from different devices, and we test across many devices and browsers to ensure that consistency as well as functionality. We typically implement responsive or adaptive design, which takes into account all screen sizes and responds or adapts the layout accordingly. When building for “One Web,” we try to avoid the following due to their limited availability and lack of support on devices: pop-ups, nested tables, tables for layout, graphics for spacing, frames, PDFs for online reading, image maps, and Flash/Silverlight.


Senior-focused Usability

Due to our senior clients’ typical target audiences, we highly regard Web Accessibility and Usability. Accessibility encourages building sites that people with disabilities (including older people with deteriorating vision, hearing loss, reduced fine motor control, and cognitive decline) can use. Usability measures how efficient the site is to use, how easy it is to learn, and the satisfaction levels of the user after using it. Both of these will ultimately help in retaining users, as well as generating leads from your website.

In some cases, we may determine User Testing is necessary to determine the cause of users having trouble completing goals, responding to CTAs, getting through a form submission process, etc. In these cases, we will assemble User Groups within your target audience, and ask them to perform the actions in question. We will monitor, record, and report their progress, which in turn shall lead us to the problems.

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