Webinar: What Messages Will Inspire Prospects to Act Today?

Aug 26, 2020 | Webinars

Presented By:
Rob Love, President & CEO, Love & Company
Dan Rexford, Vice President, Marketing Innovation, Love & Company
Joseph Cliber, Principal, Creosote Affects

Prospects’ aspirations and attitudes toward joining a community have changed in recent months. Accordingly, the messages communities deliver must reflect these changes in order to inspire people to act this Fall.

Love & Company has tested these messages with its own clients and has conducted research to ascertain changes in prospects’ aspirations and attitudes toward joining a community. In an effort to dig deeper, Love sought out the counsel of an expert from a field that is facing similar challenges – educational institutions – to learn what messages are inspiring their prospects. During this webinar we will review themes and tactics that effectively inspire prospects to act in both fields.


  • Messaging themes that inspire people to act
  • Pertinent highlights from Love & Company’s research that led us to the development of these messages
  • Actionable insights that will enable you to secure more revenue before calendar year 2020 closes


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