Webinar: The Reasons for Growth

by | Feb 13, 2019

Presented By:

Katie Smith SloanLeadingAge, President & CEO
John CochraneHumanGood, President & CEO
Doug LeidigAsbury Communities Inc., President & CEO
Tom MannLove & Company, Principal & Chief Marketing Innovation Officer

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During this special webinar for LeadingAge CEOs, you will hear valuable insights from some of senior living’s leading organizations:

  • Understanding the demographics behind the senior housing surge 
  • Resources available to LeadingAge organizations interested in growth and where to find them 
  • Reimagine Life Plan Communities/CCRCs 
  • How to expand system efficiencies while enhancing resident and staff lives 
  • How to reduce (improve) operating ratios (OR) and build your financial reserves 
  • How to reduce exposure to healthcare revenue 
  • What key strategic partnerships should you be developing and how to go about this 
  • What role, if any, should affordable housing have in your organization?


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