Webinar: The Value of Consumer Research Events

by | Nov 15, 2018

Presented By:
Karen Adams – Love & Company – Vice President, Market Intelligence
Monica McAfee – John Knox Village – Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer
Scott Pfeifer – RDG Planning and Design – Principal

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If your organization is thinking about building a new blue sky community or a redevelopment project, a huge expense you must incur is developing schematics for your new buildings. But what if you could know what your clients want before you incur the cost of building design? From unit size and layout configurations to pricing and contract preferences, consumer research events (CREs) is a new technique that allows you to collect the quantifiable data your executive team, the board, designers, and financiers crave. During this session you learn:

  • How CREs provide unique insights unattainable with other research methods
  • Case study of how one community, John Knox Village, utilized CREs to improve their master planning process
  • New senior living insights from recent CREs from around the country

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