What to Do Before Buying a New Website

Mar 22, 2017 | Webinars

Presented by:
Nicole Salla, VP Strategic Services, Love & Company
Clara Daly, Interactive Communications Director, Love & Company
Hayley Gurtler, Media Manager, Love & Company

Session Narrative

If you think you need a new website, you may be right—but if you are trying to increase online leads and improve your digital marketing ROI, you may be looking in the wrong place. Investing in a new website has many benefits, but it will do little to increase your leads. What you really need to ask is, “How can we drive more people to visit our website?” Websites are sexy, but inbound marketing, SEM, SEO strategies, e-newsletter marketing and similar strategies are the investments that will drive digital leads. Before you invest in the new website (or better yet, as you invest in the new website), pay every bit as much attention to the digital tactics that drive eyes to your site.

This presentation will discuss which tactics are most important and effective, teaching how to use them to greatest effect. The presenting panel will include experts in digital marketing from Love & Company’s team.

For executives, this presentation will describe how they can determine how much and where to invest in their digital presence. For marketing professionals, this presentation will give direction on the most important tactics to employ, including inbound marketing digital boost techniques for events and traditional marketing campaigns, white papers, live chats, pop ups, Facebook advertising, and email subscription opt-in strategies.

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