Webinar: Approach Your Marketing Budget with Fresh Eyes: Increasing your confidence in knowing “How much is enough?”

Jul 1, 2021 | Webinars

Lisa Pearre
, Principal Chief Client Services Officer, Love & Company
Amy Brodie, Vice President of Client Services, Love & Company

Budget season for many is fast-approaching for many Life Plan Communities, and it is an opportune time to ask, can our process be improved? Crafting a realistic budget is far more than a numbers game. It requires solid short- and long-term plans and a keen eye kept on both the past and the future. This session reviews the most common challenges and shortcomings that Life Plan Communities face in their budgeting process and provides practical advice on how to allocate funds without fear of over- or underspending. Join Lisa Pearre and Amy Brodie for an enlightening session on smart budgeting that will satisfy and motivate key stakeholders, including marketing executives, CFOs, CEOs and board members.


Approach Your Marketing Budget with Fresh Eyes

Increasing your confidence in knowing “How much is enough?”

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The most common budgeting shortcomings and challenges we see in community budgeting practices
  • The importance of connecting your marketing budget to specific goals
  • How and what to think about when budgeting, so you can maximize every dollar
  • Top short-term and long-term questions to ask yourself as you begin planning a marketing budget

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