Webinar: 5 Ways Market Intelligence Can Help Drive Revenue

Sep 30, 2020 | Webinars

Presented By:
Rob Love, Love & Company
Karen Adams, Love & Company
Dave Hoglund, Perkins Eastman
Jodi Bleier, Senior Living Executive and Consultant

The need for and uses of data about markets go well beyond quantifying the potential for expansions or start up communities. There are numerous types of market assessment tools that are invaluable to developing an organization’s strategies, increasing revenue, identifying potential new products and services, increasing occupancy, and supporting planning and design teams.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how specific types of market intelligence and consumer research can be used to address a variety typical community challenges, including:
  • We can’t reach and sustain budgeted occupancy or presales levels. Is it our market, marketing, pricing, or product?
  • How has COVID affected my wait list and prospects? How does our community need to evolve to attract them?
  • Census is high, but margins are low. Can we increase pricing?
  • What should our target market really be? Are we missing pockets we should be targeting?
  • We are finishing up our master plan. How can we have confidence that the consumer is really going to buy our new residences?

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