Tips to Welcome New Residents to Your Senior Living Community

Dec 29, 2016 | Sales/Sales Training

By Rick Hunsicker, Vice President Sales Services – Western Division

How do you welcome new residents to your community?

It’s not uncommon for seniors to feel lost and alone when they first move into a new community. All the people, places and activities are brand-new and unfamiliar. Senior living sales teams don’t always know what a new resident needs most – a tour, a brunch, an assistant to help them get around?


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Here are some suggestions:

  • Send over a fruit basket or snack platter! After moving, it’s always nice to have something to snack on. Some communities stock the fridge instead, providing new residents with staples like eggs, bread, coffee, etc. Others provide lunch to the family on move-in day.
  • Hold a welcoming committee! To help orient the new residents, provide a post-move-in tour to answer any questions. Some communities also provide maps and handbooks, while others assign an ambassador to check in on new residents. Others hold a quarterly or monthly meeting to answer questions and meet new residents.
  • Throw a meet-and-greet party! Help the residents settle in with their new neighbors with a fancy brunch or cocktail party – they can invite their non-resident friends and make new friends in the community.

What does your senior living community do to welcome its new residents? Comment and let us know!

Editor’s Note: This blog originally was posted on the Hunsicker Senior Living blog which we are now migrating to this current site.

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