Overcoming Inflationary Pressures, Part II: Longer Term Strategies to Increase Organizational Margins

May 25, 2023 | Webinars


Toby Shea, Partner, OnePoint Partners 
Mike Kivov, Partner, OnePoint Partners
Sara Montalto, SVP of Strategic Services, Love & Company 
Rob Love, President/CEO, Love & Company 

In our February 28 webinar, “Strategies to Increase Revenue and Control Costs in 2023,” Love & Company and OnePoint Partners addressed immediate actions communities can take to increase entrance fees and monthly fees, to maximize revenue from nursing reimbursements, and to reduce operational costs. 

While those strategies can have a significant impact in 2023, most are essentially “one-time fixes” that won’t be repeatable in future years, and thus won’t solve some of the continuing challenges affecting staffing costs and other inflationary pressures. 


In part II of this webinar series, we will address several strategic steps communities should take to look at their longer-term potential to increase not just revenue but margins, ensuring you will have a strong organization well into the future. Specifically, participants will learn:

  • What are the pressures communities are experiencing today, what tools do you have to address them, and just how far can (or can’t) those existing tools get you?
  • How can organizations set themselves up to evolve to better operate in today’s and tomorrow’s world? What is your “Why?” for what you do? What is your purpose, and your reasons for what you do, and how can understanding those reasons guide you into creating an organizational structure that supports effective change?
  • What steps should organizations take to begin the process of evaluating the options that are available to you, and determining the most promising options to pursue?


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