Love & Company Merging with Hunsicker Senior Living Services To Expand National Footprint

by | May 11, 2016

MAY 11, 2016

Love & Company expands to include a second office in Dallas, Texas

Frederick, MD – Love & Company, a nationally recognized advertising and consulting firm specializing in senior housing, recently brought Hunsicker Senior Living Services on board. By folding Hunsicker Senior Living Services into Love & Company’s team, the Maryland-based firm continues its rapid national growth.

Rob Love, President & CEO of Love and Company, said, “We’ve worked with Rick Hunsicker in different capacities for more than five years. Over that time, we’ve each come to learn that we have strong similarities in our philosophies toward senior living marketing and sales, and we are excited to have Rick as part of our team. In addition to Rick’s extensive senior living experience, by bringing Hunsicker Senior Living Services under Love & Company’s umbrella, we have gained some wonderful senior housing sales tools, including an online training system that keeps community sales people operating at their very best.”

“Joining forces with Love & Company provides a synergistic value to the Life Plan Communities I work with,” said Rick Hunsicker. “The size of the team and the depth of their expertise improves what I’m able to provide on a day-to-day basis. Having worked with them on several projects over the last few years, I know them to bring the highest level of service and integrity to their clients.”

Rick’s new position at Love & Company is Vice President of Sales Services, Western Region. He will continue to operate from Dallas, in what is now Love & Company’s satellite office. Love & Company’s main campus will remain in Frederick, Md.


Love & Company is a full-service research, marketing, sales management and advertising firm that specializes in retirement communities. For more information about Love & Company, call Tim Bracken at 301-663-1239, Rick Hunsicker at (214) 906-3801, or visit our website at

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