Love & Company Expands Dallas Office, Hires Market Intelligence Director

by | May 19, 2017

Randy Catron, Market Intelligence Director

Love & Company recently hired Randy Catron, who has over 20 years experience in market research, as demand for the company’s market intelligence services continues to grow.

Tom Mann, EVP notes, “It’s exciting to see not just our Market Intelligence division continue to grow, but also our western region team. It’s been amazing to see how many calls we’re getting from Arizona, California, Texas, and Minnesota … and all the other states in between. Money is starting to flow back into new construction and, fortunately, many of those senior living organizations are seeking us out!”

Market intelligence is not a new venture for Love & Company, who has been on the front lines of marketing research for many years, offering services such as market studies and market feasibility research, strategic opportunity analyses, consumer research, and pricing and contract analyses.

Randy will be joining Love & Company’s Dallas office. “We are excited to have Randy join our team,” says Rick Hunsicker, Vice President of Sales Services (Western Division). “His 20+ years of research experience, along with his senior housing experience brings a lot to the team.”

Randy joins a team of research and development professionals who help Love & Company’s clients created strategic plans based on in-depth analytical data. “Helping communities come up with the best possible strategies based on real data, as opposed to hypothesis is just the first step to ensuring success,” explains President and CEO, Rob Love. “The real magic of market intelligence is what happens after all the research is done and our marketing team gets to work implementing the plan. We make sure that your goals become reality.”

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