How to Fill a Community in Today’s Changed World

Jul 14, 2023 | Webinars


Tina McLeod, Vice President, Strategic Marketing Services, Love & Company 
Genie Heer, Strategic Sales Advisor, Love & Company
Joan Kelly-Kincade, Strategic Sales Advisor, Love & Company
Rob Love, President/CEO, Love & Company 

Many communities are operating at lower census levels today than they were prior to the pandemic, and thus are missing millions of dollars of entrance fees and hundreds of thousands of dollars of monthly fees each year. Yet the market of age- and income-qualified prospects is steadily increasing throughout the country. With few new communities being developed, demand for senior living should be increasing, not decreasing.


In today’s senior living market environment, how can we use the sales process to motivate more prospects to make the decision to move? In this webinar, we will address:

  • The primary factors that keep prospects from moving to communities today
  • The most effective approaches to the sales process with today’s prospects
  • How to tailor sales messages to different stages of the prospect’s journey toward senior living


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