Are You Focusing on Quality PR Stories?


By Wallis Shamieh, PR & Integrated Media Assistant

When we think of seniors, many of us are reminded of all the accomplishments and achievements they have made throughout their lives. Whether they have written novels, served bravely in wars, had successful careers, traveled the world, or even traveled to the moon, many community residents have done countless great and interesting things.

However, when it comes to PR, there is one mistake that many PR departments at retirement communities make: keeping PR attention on these past accomplishments. Focusing on the past often results in missing out on current, quality PR topics.

In American culture, we often place value on those who are still in the work force. Think about the question you are most likely to be asked when meeting someone new. It’s probably, “what do you do?” But what about seniors who are retired and no longer working? If PR departments focus on the accomplishments residents have made in the past, then it continues the stigma that seniors who are now retired and live in communities are no longer contributing citizens, when in fact, seniors in communities are doing more now than ever.

Instead, focus your PR on the things that residents are doing today and tomorrow. Put residents in a true light that shows how they are continuing their active lives and contributing to the communities in which they live. For example, share stories about residents who volunteer, have found a new hobby, started new organizations, or who have become local leaders.

It’s important to maintain focus on establishing your community as a progressive, active place where retirees may thrive. This will not only set your community apart from other communities, but it also positions your community as a dynamic place that is concerned about the future of its residents. After all, retirees are moving to your community for new opportunities – showcase them!

While there is nothing wrong with celebrating the past achievements of residents, when it comes to PR, your focus should remain on celebrating their current and future accomplishments.

See an example of forward-focused PR here.

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