Webinar: Marketing and Sales in 2021: The Path To Rebuilding and Sustaining Census

by | Jan 28, 2021

Presented By:
Lisa Pearre, moderator, Principal, Chief Client Services Officer 
Karen Adams, Vice President, Market Intelligence 
Amy Brodie, Vice President, Client Services
Jim Gentry, Copy Director 
Joan Kelly-Kincade, Senior Sales Advisor

In 2020, the COVID pandemic had a significant impact on many communities’ census and revenue.  While some were able to bounce back in the third and fourth quarters, others are still struggling to rebuild census.  And all communities need to have a solid plan to address the next phases of the pandemic:  The vaccine rollout phase, and the (hopeful!) post-COVID marketplace.  What additional changes to the senior living marketing environment will this year bring, and what do communities need to do to continue to evolve their marketing and sales programs? 

Download the slides as a PDF here

In this webinar, you will learn:
  • What consumers—and specifically, senior living prospects—are really thinking today, based on several consumer research studies of lead bases and wait lists 
  • The foundational pieces of a successful 2021 marketing plan, one that anticipates how the year will unfold and adapts accordingly 
  • The branding and messaging strategies Life Plan Communities need to employ to motivate prospects to act:  To want to learn more, and to want to move forward in the sales process 
  • The sales tools and tactics that community teams need to give prospects the confidence to move forward with a move—now 

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