WordPress Training Center

Congratulations on your new website! Your site has been built on the WordPress platform. WordPress is a user-friendly, yet powerful, Content Management System. Originally built as a blogging platform, its expansions through the years provide increased functionality for a wide range of web sites. It is a stable system with minimal issues. It’s also extendible with plugins available through the WordPress community. Go ahead; ask us if we recommend any for your particular needs.

Since WordPress is so well established, there are plenty of resources available online and in your local bookstore. If you need additional help, try a search for WordPress!

If you are a first time user, we recommend watching through all of the videos before you start editing your website.
The total length of all videos is under an hour.

Getting Started

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Length: 0:28

An overview of the WordPress system.

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How to Login

Length: 1:04

How to log in to your website administrative area.

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Length: 0:5

Explore the WordPress admin Dashboard.

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Length: 0:33

How to navigate in the WordPress administrative area.

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Your Profile

Length: 2:48

How to view and edit your user profile.

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Managing Users

Length: 1:34

How to add, edit, and remove users, and limit access to the administrative area.

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Community Information

Length: 2:4

How to change your community’s information, such as addresses and telephones. This includes all of the places to find these settings on the site.

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Form Email Notifications

Length: 0:56

How to edit who gets notifications when a contact form is submitted on your website.

WordPress Classic Editor

To add and/or edit a blog post, you’ll most likely be dealing with the WordPress Classic Editor.


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General Edits

Length: 2:58

How to use the classic editor to make general page edits on your site, including adding and editing links.

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Length: 4:34

How to insert and manage images, galleries, documents, and other media files.

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Featured Images

Length: 0:19

How to utilize the Featured Images feature.

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Categories & Tags

Length: 1:54

How to use categories and tags on your website, and how they can benefit SEO.

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Publishing & Saving

Length: 1:53

How to publish, save, and access and revert to past revisions.

Looking for the new WordPress Block Editor?

WordPress now includes two versions of their editor: The new drag-and-drop “Block Editor” and their classic editor, which works similarly to Microsoft Word. We’ve heard from multiple clients that the block editor is too complicated for their purposes, so we set client sites up to default to the classic editor.

To change your preferred editor, you may go to your user settings and select “block” or classic” editor there and then click “Save” to save your changes.

You may also set a specific page to utilize the block or classic editor if you wish.

However, do not change editor settings of any site pages that have been set up using the Love & Company or Divi builder. This can cause a page layout to break.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we only cover the classic editor. Please refer to the print tutorial for recommendations on where to find more information about the block editor.

Love & Company / Divi Editors

If you need to edit your home page or a standard page on your website, you will most likely be using the Love & Company or Divi Builder Editors.

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Page Builder

Length: 3:31

How to use the page builder / block editor to edit your pages.

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Visual Builder

Length: 4:56

How to use the WYSIWYG Visual Builder editor – the easiest way to edit your pages!

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Length: 1:02

Adding and editing images and galleries in the builder. Please refer to the WordPress Classic Editor video for more information on managing media.

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Header Images

Length: 0:29

How to edit header images on applicable pages.

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Homepage Slider

Length: 1:11

How to change out images, video, and content in the hero/slider/slideshow on the homepage.

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Calls-to-Action / CTAs

Length: 1:38

Editing Calls-to-Action throughout your website.

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Length: 1:25

How to manage and edit location maps.

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Residences or Locations

Length: 2:44

If you have separate pages for each Residence or Locations functionality, you’ll need to review this video. Otherwise, it’s not necessary.

Managing Events

If you have events on your website, they are most likely being handled by our preferred events management system: Events Made Easy. If so, you’ll need to review this information.

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Length: 0:41

An overview of your events management system.

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Length: 0:58

How to set up and edit an event using the Events Made Easy editor.

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Length: 0:18

Editing the location of an event.

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Registration / RSVP

Length: 2:05

How to set up a registration functionality on your events that require it.

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Contact Person

Length: 0:35

How to change the default contact person on an event. This is the person who will be notified of RSVPs, and defaults to the user who created the event.

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Length: 0:43

How to publish an event and ensure it is visible.

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Length: 0:28

Not all websites utilize the Categories functionality in the events system, but if you have multiple pages events are split across, you’ll need to review this information.