Digital Inbound Marketing & Lead Generation

Want your senior living website to work for you? We do too! Our Integrated Media Services (IMS) team is here to make sure your site is effective at converting visitors to leads, and we continually nurture all of those valuable leads to turn them into viable sales.

It’s how your site should work.

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Lead Generation

We create senior-friendly websites with highly targeted content and landing pages with forms that are optimized to convert. Everything is tracked and reported and can even integrate with your existing CRM.

Inbound Marketing

Be more effective at nurturing your leads through multiple channels online. From your website to squeeze pages to email newsletters – we will create a strategy, implement and manage it.

Services & Solutions

Our solutions complement eachother and work together, and with our insight and expertise, you’ll see real results.

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Digital Media

SEM, search engine placement, remarketing, geotargeting, social presence… If your online presence is lacking, start here!


All our sites start with an optimized foundation, but did you know that a good content strategy makes the most impact?

Lead Tracking

Did your latest contact check out that new floor plan you posted? Are they an avid blog reader? Contact them armed with knowledge!


Manage your content and access powerful web tools, with a responsive site that is accessible: it’s the perfect recipe for success!

A/B Testing

Always Be Testing. Split testing variations in your design and content can lead to more effective conversion tools.


White papers, retirement kits, cost calculators – we have multiple tools to entice your users to sign up and convert to leads.

Landing Pages

Targeted squeeze pages are key to conversions. All campaigns are sent directly to these pages, optimized to increase incoming leads.

Email Marketing

At the heart of your email marketing lies the newsletter, from there we go into advanced automation based on actions.

Senior Friendly

We ensure your online presence is as accessible and user-friendly as possible for seniors, leading to more conversions!

Social Media

Most baby boomers are on at least one social media site and are also more likely to take action based on what they see on social media!


No more questionning what you’re paying for. With our dashboard reports, you’ll know exactly what is working and what isn’t.


Our services can combine with your existing CRM. Depending on your CRM’s capabilities this may include lead tracking and scoring.

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