Case Study:

Woodlands Retirement Community

Increasing census from 85% to 95%


Woodlands Retirement Community was an aging Life Plan Community in a small market that had experienced steady attrition for several years before it called on Love & Company in early 2018 to help rebuild census and revenue. We began by completing a sales and marketing assessment in early 2018 that identified the major challenges affecting their census, then mapped out a marketing and sales program that addressed those challenges


Sales and marketing program assessment, metrics-driven marketing management, sales training, digital marketing



Huntington, WV


Love & Company led the implementation of a comprehensive marketing and sales program that included ramping up digital marketing, implementing a content marketing program, providing sales coaching and assistance, and developing new lead generation and sales support materials. The new materials repositioned the community by effectively telling the story about the significant enhancements Woodlands was making to bring it up to contemporary standards.

Senior couple drinking wine on the lawn.
Woodland campus.

THE Results

By implementing the recommended marketing and sales program, and with Love & Company’s leadership of the ongoing marketing and sales program, Woodlands restored its census to budgeted levels within a year. It then continued to grow, reaching 95% by the end of 2019.

 “The breadth and depth of the Love team have been great. It’s very helpful to have specialists in different facets of marketing in the room at the same time. I especially appreciate the understanding and respect the Love team shows us by making the effort to listen and understand our local culture.”

—Jeff Harkins
President and CEO
Woodlands Retirement Community

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