Case Study:

Trinity Landing

How a Cohesive Marketing Planning Approach Resulted in Extraordinarily Strong Presales of a Start-Up Community


When Lutheran Services Carolinas (LSC) sought to develop Trinity Landing, a start-up Life Plan Community in Wilmington, North Carolina, it engaged Love & Company to work with LSC leadership in an interactive marketing planning effort.


Love & Company first analyzed the primary market area, determining how a new community could best be positioned for success in the market. Based on this research, the initial marketing program was developed for the community to align with the financial objectives and timeline established for the 139-residence project.


Marketing Planning Support



Wilmington, NC

“Love & Company excels at listening and strategic guidance. Together we created a plan that generated quality leads that were primed for what Trinity Landing offers. They are true partners.”

– Ann Pressly
Director of Marketing and Sales
Trinity Landing

THE Results

Love & Company introduced Trinity Landing
to the Wilmington market with an integrated marketing program coupled with training and ongoing support for the Trinity Landing sales team. As Wilmington residents began making priority deposits more quickly than anyone had anticipated, it became clear that the cohesive marketing planning was successful.

Sales started so strongly that LSC decided to add 45 of phase II’s independent living residences to phase I, bringing the total to 184. Despite this higher target, Trinity Landing achieved its presales goal for financing in only 10 months, eight months faster than the original presales goal for only 139 residences. Even better, the presales goal was achieved using only 56% of the planned budget!

Together, Love & Company and Trinity Landing successfully brought the project through the pre-sales phase of development ahead of schedule, ahead of goals and under budget.

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