Case Study:

The Overlook

How the Right Event Strategy Can Yield Impactful Results


The Overlook, a Life Plan Community in Charlton, Massachusetts, wanted to re-engage its lead base, finding ways to identify leads who were more likely to move-in more quickly than the typical multi-year sales cycle, as well as clean up outdated information in its CRM.


Love & Company developed the marketing strategy and creative pieces to support The Overlook’s effort, recommending an event focusing on the exceptional culinary experience at the community as the optimal way to achieve its goals.


Lead Generation



Charlton, MA

THE Results

The creative resulted in re-engaging 110 unique leads. Thirty-four households attended the event, with three making a deposit during or directly after the event. Additionally, three households called to schedule a tour after receiving the invitation (a 9% conversion rate).

Every community has an amenity that really stands out. One key to creating successful events is finding the truly unique and impressive element of your community and highlighting it in a meaningful way for prospects. For The Overlook, a chance to meet an award-winning chef and experience the community’s delicious food was a great way to re-engage its leadbase and ensure CRM data was updated– thus creating a solid foundation for the sales counselors.

Focusing an event on one of The Overlook’s greatest strengths resulted in three deposits during or immediately after the event.

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