Case Study:

Friendship Senior Options

Fast-Paced, Team-Oriented Sales Support Helps Friendship Village of Schaumburg Reach Revenue Targets in Just 5 Months


In late October 2019— more than halfway through its fiscal year—Friendship Senior Options recognized the need for an aggressive sales plan if its Friendship Village of Schaumburg community was to meet its revenue targets by the end of March 2020. With just five months to spare, Friendship Senior Options approached Love & Company for help.

After initial conversations with their marketing leadership, the consensus was that the community’s sales team had the potential and the energy to achieve its goals, yet would benefit from Love & Company’s proven sales coaching techniques. This would reinforce sales leadership, hone sales techniques and “pump up” the sales team so that they could consistently and methodically move the needle—especially for their higher levels of care.


Sales Training & Coaching



Schaumburg, IL


Love & Company entered with a robust, fast-paced, team-centric approach for this sales training and coaching engagement. An initial one-day, on-site training with marketing leadership and the sales team set the stage for a series of additional sales support visits covering all levels of care at Friendship Village of Schaumburg.

Love & Company Senior Sales Advisors split the approach into tactics for independent living and higher levels of care, capitalizing on Love & Company’s breadth and depth of sales expertise for complex service lines such as skilled nursing and memory support.

During the subsequent visits (both on-site and virtual), Love & Company engaged and educated the Friendship Village sales team. The Senior Sales Advisors also assessed and optimized high-impact processes on-the-fly while adapting their coaching to the evolving environment, especially as COVID-19 began to affect the market in March 2020.

We Partnered with Friendship Village to

  • Develop a strategic outreach plan for all service lines
  • Provide vision and structure for sales processes for higher levels of care
  • Implement a fast-paced, team approach focused on continuity

The Results

Love & Company’s sales support helped to energize the Friendship Village of Schaumburg sales team—and pumped up the organization’s revenue in the process. By the end of March 2020, the community had reached its goal.

A sales engagement with Love & Company aims to empower the sales team with best practices that they will continually put to use toward their occupancy and census goals after the engagement, therefore greatly reducing the need for long-term sales support.

In this case, one intense, focused sales coaching engagement provided the Friendship Village of Schaumburg team with resources that helped them reach their ambitious fiscal year goal and exposed them to best practices that laid the foundation for future success.

 “I appreciated Love & Company’s approach because I’ve done this a long time and think I’m ahead of the curve on many things—but I knew there was opportunity for improvement. So, it was good to both learn new things and also get the reinforcement that we were already doing a lot of positive things. It was an affirming and growing experience for my team and for me.”

—Dean Dellaria
Corporate Director of Sales
Friendship Senior Options

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