COVID-19 permanently changed your sales team’s world. Now what?

Even if your census has weathered the storm of the pandemic so far, the challenges and opportunities your sales and marketing team face will never be the same.

We can share some things we have learned in sales and marketing during this time that can make a meaningful difference to you.

There are new, high-impact tactics and techniques that you should put in place now to avoid losing ground in the future.

 Our goal is to help as many organizations as we can implement these new tactics and techniques to protect sales revenue.

Please email or call Tim Bracken at 1-800-716-5267 today to schedule a 20-minute conversation to determine which of these tactics and techniques will have the most impact for your organization.

During the past five months, Love & Company has researched, assessed and implemented new or enhanced tactics and techniques that are delivering results:

  • Enhancing digital marketing programs to inspire more people to act
  • Delivering powerful videos quickly and inexpensively
  • Tapping world class, inexpensive service providers who are on the forefront of bringing community spaces alive virtually
  • Attracting groups of prospects to virtual events and teaching sales teams to use the technology appropriately
  • Providing new tools to enable salespeople to form stronger bonds with prospects virtually

Please call us so you can benefit from what we have learned.

Love & Company has a 25+-year history of bringing world class tactics and techniques to senior living organizations. See how we helped Trinity Landing far exceed its presales goals, and how we helped The Knolls emerge from bankruptcy to fully rebuild census.

Our Clients’ Success Stories

“Love & Company excels at listening and strategic guidance. Together we created a plan that generated quality leads that were primed for what Trinity Landing offers. They are true partners.”

Trinity Landing – Ann Pressly, Director of Marketing and Sales

How a Cohesive Marketing Planning Approach Resulted in Extraordinarily Strong Presales of a Start-Up Community


Community Escapes Bankruptcy’s Shadow, Building Census From 61% To 94%


We’re looking forward to Talking With you.

Please call or email Tim Bracken at 1-800-716-5267 to schedule a 20-minute conversation to determine which of these tactics and techniques will best help you reduce the risk of falling behind.

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