Marketing your community is more important than ever…

…so embrace new ways to do it amid COVID-19. Read our digital whitepaper today and stay connected with prospects.

We’ve seen how dramatically senior living marketing efforts have had to shift due to COVID-19, but this does not mean that marketing should cease. It means the exact opposite.

Your community can’t afford to stop connecting with prospects—prospects who remain keen on the long-term security that your community offers. In fact, many communities are experiencing surges in interest and some are even reporting that prospects are asking to move in sooner!

So today, it is more important than ever to reach prospects where they are right now—their homes. And doing so means adopting new ways of marketing.

Our new digital whitepaper, “COVID-19: Marketing During Uncertain Times,presents tools and tactics that your community can put into practice quickly, including:

  • Our guide for bringing appointments and events to the virtual space
  • Messaging guidelines for prospects, leads, depositors and waitlisters
  • Sales team prep and discovery tips
  • Direct mail and traditional advertising options
  • …and much more

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